How To: Install A Natural Stone Patio


  • Excavate
  • Install sub-bases (compact)
  • Install screed layer, (laying media)
  • Layout stones, adjust level, lock in edges, make cuts where needed
  • Fill in cracks between stones (compact – if necessary)
  • How much does it cost to install a natural stone patio?

1. Excavation

Wherever possible, and if access allows, I like to use a mechanical excavator to help speed this process up, and to also give a better grade, and to remove the required amount, for pedestrian traffic as with all hard landscaping, this is the removal of all organic materials grass and topsoil, and a clear space of approx 6” below finish grade minimal to allow for the new aggregate and base materials to be installed.

2. Sub-base

Preferably, a good quality limestone, 1-1/2 – minus, road base subbase layer is advisable, installed approximately 2-4” depth depending on how much excavation needed to take place. The subbase is leveled precisely (saving lots of time later) and thoroughly soaked, to aid compaction before being compacted with a heavy vibrating compactor.

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