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To me, a garden is what turns a house into a lovely home. A house has a yard and a home has a garden. What I imagine a yard to be is part of land at the front, or the back of the property which consists of a “yard of lawn” and a small galvanized chain link fence acting as the border between two neighbours. This, for most people is a manageable space, cut the lawn and that’s it. If that is what you are after, then so be it.

However, those who want to take more from their yard should, in fact, take time to invest in turning it into a garden. Did you know that people who do their own home improvements and those with a DIY attitude can actually see their property value increase? Enhancing your garden/landscape can add significant value to your property. A study done in the UK, where I am from, showed that home improvements such as gardening and other DIY projects added as much as 14% to property values.

With the ever growing popularity of not only Horticulture but the hard landscaping industry as a whole, people are now creating these fabulous and intriguing areas that were once not really noticed, but now have been transformed to areas loved by all.

You don’t have to be a DIYer to transform your yard into a garden; those who are too busy, or who are not inclined to do the work, can seek the help of professionals. It is the role of the professional landscaper to recognize the potential of each project, and to guide the client with a mind for the future, knowing that the work produced may not only increase the quality of life for the client but also enhance the industry as a whole.

Transforming your yard into a garden can not only increase the value of your property, it can give you an enormous sense of well-being when you have your own slice of the Garden of Eden just a step away.

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