Different Types of Landscape Design

Landscape Design incorporates many different elements of yard design that can transform the surroundings of your home. Read below for information about the different components involved in making over your yard through landscape design in Vancouver.

Hardscaping – Landscape Paving and Stonework

One big way to transform your landscaping is through a segment of landscape design called hardscaping. Hardscaping incorporates man made components into your landscaping to complement the vegetation. Some elements of landscape design in Vancouver that fall under the umbrella of hardscaping are block paving, allan block and pisa stone installation, natural stone patios, natural stone walls, and basalt and granite installations.

Softscaping – Horticultural Elements

This is another way to transform your property and the primary component most people picture when they think of landscape design in Vancouver. Softscaping refers to the horticultural, living elements of landscape design. Softscaping can really liven up a yard space by striking a nice balance between natural elements and the man-made elements of your landscape design in Vancouver, as well as introducing colour and texture. Some plants and other natural elements that can be used for softscaping are white alyssum, lamb’s ear plants, hollyhocks, creeping phlox, sweet woodruff, and many more. Landscape design companies often offer such softscaping services as sod installation, specimen tree planting, plant and flower installations, soil installation, and mulch installation.


Carpentry is another important way to augment your landscape design in Vancouver. Carpentry mainly includes work with wood, but can also include other materials. It is a great addition to your landscape design because it combines another natural element directly into man-made designs. Some applications of carpentry for landscape design include cedar decking, trex & composite decking, fencing, wood retaining walls, and wooden staircases.

Water Management – Landscape Irrigation and Drainage

In addition to aesthetically pleasing landscape design, it is also important to make sure everything is running properly behind the scenes. Water management, for example, is an important thing to consider so that your beautifully designed landscaping doesn’t get damaged due to a drainage problem. Companies that offer landscape design in Vancouver also often provide water management services, such as drainage, irrigation, and water features.

By including many different landscape design features in your landscaping, as well as considering water management, you can have a beautiful and balanced space which will enhance your enjoyment of your property and add to its value too.

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