natural stone patio

The Shift to Natural Stone

natural stone patio

Walking around Vancouver, you see an array of architectural styles, from the Vancouver special to the California bungalow. The landscapes of these homes are typically concrete paths with beautiful gardens and grass. Materials such as stucco, concrete, brick and especially wood are all abundantly used, but one material that we need to see more of is natural stone. I mean, that stuff lasts forever, and I feel that its very appropriate for Vancouver’s wet climate.


Properly done, stone structures can last hundreds of years, whether it’s a retaining wall, patio or structural support. Buildings in Quebec City are a prime example of this; they all have a strong stone façade, allowing the city to look as it did a hundred years ago. The wet weather in Vancouver rots away timber, making reconstruction always in the near future, which can be quite expensive, while stone walls and walkways can last a lifetime, with little maintenance.


Stone can give your property a very high-class look, turning a concrete or grass backyard into a stunning work of natural beauty. Stonework screams high skill and longevity, while sometimes looking as fragile as glass.

Eco friendly

Stone is fairly eco-friendly,as it produces less CO2 emissions than its counterparts, such as concrete and bricks. As stone hardly degrades over time, it makes re-purposing the stone very likely as a part of a wall or feature garden. Many times, at Craine Projects, we dig up large and small stones to be used as a garden border or a rock garden feature.

Shifting to natural stone as the main hardscapes on your property will be the most valuable option for your home. People will take notice at how stunning natural material looks and how long it will last.

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