The Top Landscaping Trends in Vancouver

Looking to update your landscape in Vancouver? Are you looking for a new landscaping trend to add to your gardening repertoire? From natural landscaping to contemporary gardens, there is something for everyone.

Vancouver is known for its beautiful landscape architecture, and there are many trends in landscaping that are popular here. From low-maintenance plants to contemporary design. Whether you’re looking to transform a small urban backyard into a lush oasis or create an expansive outdoor living space complete with natural elements and flowers, our team of landscapers at Craine Projects has the perfect solution for you. Here are some of the top landscaping trends for 2023:

Natural landscaping

Natural landscaping is the top landscape trend in Vancouver for 2023, according to a recent report. This style of landscaping incorporates plants and Trees that are native to the area, rather than using imported plants. It’s a sustainable way to beautify your garden without damaging the environment.

Sustainable landscaping

This landscaping trend includes sustainable landscaping techniques that reduce water usage and waste while enhancing the appearance of the landscape. Landscapers are also incorporating edible plants into their designs to help reduce environmental impact.

Low-maintenance plants

Vancouver’s landscape design community is eagerly anticipating the arrival of low-maintenance plants next year. These plants have the ability to adapt to a wide variety of growing conditions and are often less expensive to maintain than traditional landscaping options. Here are six top landscaping trends that professionals predict will be popular in Vancouver in 2023:

1) Low-maintenance plants: In order to take advantage of the lower maintenance requirements of low-maintenance plants, many homeowners will want to implement more naturalistic designs using drought-tolerant grasses and shrubs.

2) The return of perennial flowers: While perennial flowers may not be as popular as they once were, they are expected to make a comeback in 2023 as homeowners seek out more sustainable landscaping options.

Water features

In Vancouver in 2023, water features will be key to creating beautiful landscaping. This is due to the city’s increasing popularity and its requirement for more sustainable landscaping practices. Here are some of the most popular water features that Vancouver landscapers will be using:

1) Waterfalls. Waterfalls are a popular way to add natural beauty to landscapes and can be created in a variety of ways. Some popular waterfall designs include cascades, rock gardens, and free-form streams.

2) Koi ponds. Koi ponds provide an elegant way to add fish life to landscapes and can be customized with different species of koi fish. They are also a great option for adding shade during hot weather months.

3) Irrigation systems.

Vertical gardens

In 2023, Vancouver landscaping will continue to trend toward vertical gardens. These gardens are becoming more popular due to their ability to provide a variety of benefits, including helping reduce waste, providing a natural habitat for insects and birds, and adding aesthetic value to properties. Craine Projects will be able to create beautiful vertical gardens using a variety of plants and flowers, making them an ideal choice for homeowners looking for unique and affordable landscaping options.

Outdoor living spaces

Outdoor living spaces will be popular due to the increased interest in being active outdoors. Vancouver landscapers are incorporating features such as patios, decks, and lawns into their work to provide residents with this type of lifestyle option.

There will be a focus on using plants that can grow quickly in warm climates such as succulents, cacti, and palms. These plants can withstand increased temperatures and are easy to care for, making them a popular choice for outdoor spaces.

Having the Craine Projects work on the top Vancouver landscaping trends in your home

Craine Projects in Vancouver have a wealth of landscaping knowledge and experience to share with homeowners in the Vancouver area. By working on top landscaping trends, your home will look its best and be more welcoming to guests. Contact our team today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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