Thyme Changes

Thyme Changes

You have just moved into your new home with your partner, or on your own, and you are beginning to imagine your future ahead of you. And believe it or not, as you grow and evolve, the use of your garden will also evolve.

From the first stages, you have spent time in your garden, from the moment you buy, to entertaining friends and having bbqs, not to mention the balmy summer evenings together. You think the garden is great and serves its purpose.

In the next stage, the garden evolves as you evolve; now the home has a family and that area that had your friends over on a lovely summers evening is now a sand pit, or a trampoline area. It serves its purpose once again.

Finally, that small young tree you planted when you first moved in is now a fully established, mature tree and you have enjoyed watching it evolve just as your garden has. You still want to enjoy this space, however you might not be as agile as you once were. You may still want to see the garden spring into life with all the flowers blooming and all the colours, so we consider making gardens simple and easily maintainable without much compromise. To attract as much wildlife – butterflies, bees, birds, and any other critters, for you to sit in your garden and just watch, we choose enticing plants and flowers.

Yet again, the garden has evolved as much as you over these years. It’s a living thing that has grown with you, and forever served its purpose, be it social or private, as a gateway to nature or just a simple garden of pure tranquility.

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